What is NEXXT? (Sept 10,11,12,13, 2009)
What is NEXXT you ask? NEXXT is the NorthEast XX Tour, hosted by one brother Joseph Orchard, AKA Rockmeupto125.

The NEXXT is a road meet designed for fans of the Honda CBR1100XX. It is now in its eighth year, and possibly the largest North American XX meet. It was conducted and organized by myself after the original conspirator, Big Boy, was called away by other responsibilities. I'll continue to do the honors as long as I'm able and there's a demand. A lot of work, but worth it all as so many people seemed pleased with the efforts. It's about 75% social, and 75% riding......if you were there, you know that it was a 150% weekend....truly! The ride is not a race....the pace is brisk where the roads allow it, and designed to be safe for 2-up riding. I, and we, won't tolerate stupid. Novice riders are discouraged, not refused....much as we discouraged novice riders from polishing their skills on any liter+ bikes.