NEXXT 2009 INFORMATION (Sept 10,11,12,13, 2009) update 5/23/09
There are several categories following...and you should check back regularly for updates, which I'll note in the title of this page. You should bookmark can always delete the bookmark after September.

First, the basics. Sept 10,11,12,13, 2009, near Tunkhannock PA at the Shadow Brook Resort Motel. For directions, see the link on the main page. The Motel is presently taking reservations--ask for the NeXXT group. If you've a great mind to cut costs by snagging a roomy, check on the forum to see if anyone has a room, or check at the motel when you arrive in town. Folks are beginning to arrive on Thursday the 10th. There are no activities planned for Thursday...its casual day...local rides and hanging out. Friday and Saturday are planned activities, Sunday is pack and go home day

NEXXT 2009 Schedule and Itinerary(Sept 10,11,12,13, 2009)

September 10th, Thursday. This is a setup day for me, and I expect that there will be only a few arrivals at this time. No planned rides, meals and entertainment are on your own.

September 11th, Friday. Today the festivities start in earnest. So far there are tentative plans for several activities and you'll need to check back here or on the .org site to see what's up. Expect the usual BBQ in the evening, and our ice cream social and special dancing pony show. (I tried to get the donkey basketball dice) After renewing old friendships and acquaintances, and making some new ones, we'll have lights out around 10PM to give our neighbors a break, and rest up for Saturday's gruelling plans.

September 12th, Saturday. Plans are still in the making...and dependent upon how Friday goes. Tentatively expect the big ride after the riders meeting (5 minutes). I have routes from 100-350 miles.....what's your flavor? (more will be inserted here later) Possibly a group dinner that evening, and that night there will be jubilation and glee until the wee hours of the morning.

September 13th, Sunday. Packing and saying goodbyes.

That's all for now...more updates as I have a chance. PM or email me if you have more questions or need specifics. Watch this area for updates.