Which way did he go, George?
We will be going -> way, then <-. then -> way, then <- way, etc.

Where is it? The first NEXXT was run in north-central Pennsylvania on 98% 2-lane roads. (well.....8 foot is 2-lane for a motorcycle, right?) The 8th annual NEXXT (NEXXT 2009) will be held in a more northeastern orientation, similar to last year. Although somewhat remote, the area is readily accessible from all 4 directions, underscoring Pennsylvania's existance as the "Keystone" State.

The route is not yet determined, but this year expect maps and areas to join or cut off from the main ride as we try to satisfy an ever increasing number of XXers and FoXX's. We've tried not to wear too deep a groove in the same roads...a little diversity is good.

For amusement or orientation, you can use these Streets and Trips (.est) files from 2006. Enjoy! A long loop from Towanda past Renovo and back....here.

A short loop from Towanda to Dushore and the well-known route 154...here.

A long loop from Towanda to Montrose, south to near Scranton and back on roads near route 6.